Happy Holidays 2020!

Wishing you a joyous and healthy New Year!

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, 2020 has certainly been a year! In addition to everything going on outside our home, we’ve had quite a few personal changes—and mostly all for the better!

What is the cat doing in MY bed?!?!

We moved into our new home on May 30, 2020, after a lot of help with all the complexities of house buying from our family. We are so pleased to have more space for our growing family—and to give Louis and Ruby their very own rooms!

Home Sweet Home!

Louis and Ruby will be going to the exact same schools as their father and Uncle William, while living on the same street as Uncle Will and Auntie Jade! We’re so pleased to also live one freeway exit away from Richard’s parents, ông bà nội. During lockdown, we’ve enjoyed covering up and taking Louis to Ridgewood Park, which is only one block from our front door.

So much sanitizer….

In case you are wondering, “Who the heck is Ruby?!?!”, Ruby Lee Ngo is the name we have chosen for our little girl, who is due January 23, 2021. Because she should be coming well before Lunar New Year, she will be Year of the Rat, like her dad. Which supposedly means three generations of wealth…. so now’s an excellent time to buy that lotto ticket!

Sleep all day, kick all night!

Louis will be about 16 months old when he becomes a big brother but appears to be well-prepared for taking on this new responsibility! He regularly practices getting up in the middle of the night while building those cuddle muscles by body hugging the cats.

Eloise, you are SOOOO SOFT!!!

In addition to furry friends, Louis is VERY into magnets, lift-the-flap books, bird watching, and trying to climb our new Christmas tree. While he isn’t quite walking yet, Louis is standing, sidling, and climbing all the time, so we’re all getting our steps in!

Mama, I also enjoy EATING the (plastic) pine needles! ^o^

In other news, Richard has worked at the Social Security Court for three years already! He is currently working from home, which makes Louis VERY happy. Mandy continues working with UCSD, while finishing up her first academic book, which will be released in summer 2021.

Don’t worry, mama, I’ll help you type!

We have BIG dreams for 2021—starting with the healthy birth of Ms. Ruby! We’re hoping to all get vaccinated ASAP so Louis and Ruby can visit our loved ones in Seattle (he may be SHOCKED that you all don’t just exist on FaceTime and Zoom). And we wish health and safety to you all as we live through this very weird time.

Much love,

Louis, Richard, Mandy, Ruby, Creighton >^..^<, and Eloise (^・o・^)ノ”