Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy 2019 from the Ngos! We’ve had quite a busy year and would love to take this season as a nice reminder of some of our highlights. Obviously, one shines much brighter than the others (and is pretty cute)!


Louis at less than one day old!

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Louis at almost 3 months old!

Our sweet baby, Louis Sandino Ngo, was born three weeks early, on September 4, 2019—also his cousin Fiona’s birthday. At his birth, Louis (pronounced like “Lewis”) weighted 6 lbs., 4 oz., and was 24 1/4″ tall. Now he is at least 11 lbs. and 26″ tall and fitting into 3–6 month clothing—he’s growing so fast! His favorite songs are “Baby Shark” and Carly Simon’s “Let the River Run” from Working Girl. He is a very social guy who enjoys going to crybaby matinees (moving showings for parents with their babies) and sing-a-longs at the library.


Louis, in his fox towel, hangs out with Creighton


Louis and Eloise practice stretching together

Louis is also great friends with our two cats, Eloise (white, fluffy) and Creighton (white with black spots–like a cow). Both of the kitties turned double digits this year and remain in good health—though Creighton is a little overweight at almost 15 lbs.!!! While we’ve been a little busy, we’ve been trying to keep up on Creighton’s Instagram account, which has nearly 9,000 followers.


Eloise wears the Cone of Shame after scratching herself tsk tsk

In less cute news, Richard continues his hard work at the Social Security Administration while Mandy has been working at UC San Diego and CSU San Marcos. We remain at our town house but are on the market for a bigger place to house more babies (and cats?)! And Mandy finally got her last name updated to Ngo, though she’s still keeping Martin Sandino in her professional life.


Hanging out at the pumpkin patch

We will be spending our first Christmas in San Diego, so will be enjoying sunshine instead of snow for the holidays this year. Much love to you all!


Warm regards,

The Ngos