Frequently Asked Questions

Hi all–we hope that this page will serve as a helpful guide for all of those questions on your mind! You can definitely feel free to email Mandy at if you don’t find your answer here or just to pop by and say, “hello!”

You guys asks for donations to your baby fund for your wedding—are you pregnant???

No, we are not yet pregnant. However, we are going to start trying right after the Seattle wedding, so are trying to plan ahead financially.

We are fortunate enough to already live together in a lovely home, so are all set with home goods!

What should I wear?

Cocktail attire preferred. No need for tuxes or ball gowns!

May I bring my child/ren?

While we do welcome little ones, please do let us know if you are planning on bringing any young children, particularly if they need their own seats and meals (i.e. are not infants). We have kid-friendly meals ready to go at both receptions and some activities planned to keep them entertained.

Please make sure to check with us if you are bringing a kid who needs his or her own seat or an adult meal—we will try to accommodate as numbers permit!

What’s the parking situation?

James’ Place at the La Jolla Playhouse

Please park at the La Jolla Playhouse on the UCSD campus—parking will be just across from the venue on the UCSD campus. While you may see many opportunities to pay for parking, there is actually no need to buy a parking ticket on weekends.

For more information, visit

Columbia Winery in Woodinville

Please park in the lot just outside of the venue. Fore more information, visit